And Apple has just upgraded its phones to 4GB…

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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 rendering
   Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 rendering

Xiaomi’s upcoming Mi Mix 3 model is very likely to represent a new milestone for the smartphone industry, as it’s likely to ship with an insane amount of memory.

The device, which according to Xiaomi Spain could boast 5G support as well, will come with no less than 10GB RAM, becoming the first phone in the world to reach this threshold.

While 8GB RAM phones are already common these days, no manufacturer jumped to 10GB, so most likely more models would follow after the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3.

In case you’re wondering why the phone needs so much memory, it’s still unknown at this point, but rumor has it that it may feature cameras sliding out from the top of the phone. There’s a good chance more memory is needed for photo processing, yet it remains to be seen what camera configuration Xiaomi will use on this device.

10GB RAM on a phone is quite impressive, and it shows once again how fast the Android ecosystem evolves.

iPhones coming with just 4GB RAM

But at the same time, it also highlights the difference between Android and iOS, as until recently, iPhones were shipping with just 3GB RAM – the iPhone 7 even boasted just 2GB RAM. This year’s iPhone generation comes with 4GB RAM, a new record for Apple.

However, Apple is focusing intensively on software optimizations, so the 4GB configuration should be enough to handle most tasks, despite some processes actually requiring more memory, especially when multitasking.

As for the launch of Xiaomi’s record-setting model, it’s believed the device could get the go-ahead sometime next year. This will be Xiaomi’s next flagship, and given that it offers support for 5G networks, it’ll offer faster data speeds in markets where this technology is supported.

More information will probably leak soon, so stay tuned for further details on the 10GB RAM phone.

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