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Samsung could borrow tech for its gaming device from other Galaxy phones
   Samsung could borrow tech for its gaming device from other Galaxy phones

Samsung is currently working on several new devices that would increase the company’s lead in the smartphone race against other rivals like Apple and Huawei, and one of them could be nothing else than a gaming mobile phone.

Details are still scarce for the time being, but a tweet from Samsung Mobile News, an unofficial Twitter account that occasionally shares Samsung scoops, reveals that a gaming smartphone is already in the works behind the closed doors at the South Korean firm.

Technically, what Samsung may be planning to do is rely on its Galaxy series to build a device that would be specifically optimized for gaming, most likely with a larger battery and more storage.

Preview next month?

There are all kinds of speculations right now, and some believe the gaming phone could be a mysterious Galaxy phone powered by a Snapdragon 845 chip paired with 8GB RAM. Most likely, Samsung would borrow tech from other phones as well, including the cooling system available on the Note 9 in order to provide uncompromised gaming experience.

What will also be interested is Samsung’s choice of the display to be used on this model, as the curved edges that the company is currently bragging about on the S9 series aren’t necessarily the best way to go for a gaming device.

Certainly, there’s more to discover about Samsung’s ambitious project, but with the gaming mobile device expanding, the world’s number one phone manufacturer does not afford to stay out of it.

As for the launch of this model, it’s obviously a little bit too early to speculate on this, but Samsung will be holding a developer conference next month and more details could be shared during the event.

Samsung may also showcase a preview of its own foldable display next month, so the conference could witness the public unveiling of more than just one device.

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