Troubleshooting experience getting some updates in 19H1

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The existing troubleshooting options in Windows 10
   The existing troubleshooting options in Windows 10

Microsoft is currently working on improvements for the troubleshooting experience in Windows 10, and the next major feature update due in the spring of 2019 could bring significant changes in this regard.

The latest preview build that the company released as part of the Windows Insider program includes changes to the Windows Troubleshooter that allow the tool to automatically detect problems on your system without you pointing specifically to what’s wrong with the computer.

In the current version of Windows 10, users are required to launch a specific troubleshooter for a feature that doesn’t work, but starting with 19H1, there’ll be just one troubleshooting tool that will automatically determine if there’s a problem with the system and fix it.

“Don’t feel like troubleshooting? We’ve got you covered. In previous releases, if you noticed your PC was having a problem, you would have to find the right troubleshooter and then manually walk through all the different steps to resolve it. We hear your feedback that the time that takes to do can be frustrating – why not just automatically fix issues that you know how to fix and can detect? We agree!” Microsoft explains.

Work in progress

In the latest build, the recommended troubleshooting option is available under Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot, but Microsoft says that this is work in progress and the feature isn’t available just yet.

It’ll be enabled in a future build ahead of the public launch for everyone in early 2019 as part of the next Windows 10 feature update.

“This feature uses diagnostic data you send to deliver a tailored set of fixes matching problems we detect on your device and will automatically apply them to your PC,” Microsoft further adds.

While this is a welcome improvement, the company hasn’t said anything about updates that could make the Troubleshooter a more advanced solution. In many cases, running this automated solution doesn’t make any difference on a system hitting various bugs, so further refinements in this regard would also be needed.

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