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Xbox One X and Taco Bell's Double Chalupa Box, a match made in heaven
   Xbox One X and Taco Bell's Double Chalupa Box, a match made in heaven

There’s no better time to begin eating fast food than today, as Microsoft and Taco Bell have teamed up to offer free Xbox One X consoles to a number of lucky customers ordering a $5 Double Chalupa Box.

While this is clearly a partnership that you don’t see every day, the collaboration is done in style, so you won’t just be getting an Xbox One X, but a special-edition console with Taco Bell stuff.

For example, the platinum-colored console will come with Taco Bell’s ring when powered on, and Microsoft says this will remain a feature exclusive to the units that are given away as part of this campaign. So if you really love the ring, there’s pretty much no other way to get it on your Xbox than to eat as many as Double Chalupa Boxes as possible.

Taco Bell-branded content

In addition, the console also comes with a new White Special Edition Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, as well as with three months of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold.

There won’t be just one console given away, as Microsoft and Taco Bell say they will offer one console every 10 minutes.

“Think it’s too good to be true? It gets better! An Xbox One X will be rewarded every 10 minutes throughout the promotion and it will be delivered to fans 72 hours after being declared a winner. Did we already mention it has Taco Bell’s iconic ring when powered on?” Microsoft says.

The campaign starts today and runs through November 21, 2018, so it’ll be one long month of eating fast food. Obviously, the promo is only available in the United States, with no other countries included for now. So if you live outside the US, you can still eat a Double Chalupa, but pay the full price for an Xbox One X.

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