iFixit teardown shows repairing the new model is impossible

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Microsoft Surface Pro 6 teardown
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   Microsoft Surface Pro 6 teardown

An iFixit teardown of the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 shows that the tablet/laptop is nearly impossible to repair due to the glue and soldering that the software giant used everywhere.

The Surface Pro 6, which is nearly identical with the Surface Pro in terms of looks, comes mostly with hardware upgrades, and iFixit says this could be a problem.

“The Surface Pro 6 brings more processing power (and heat) without changing its cooling solution much. Will the new thermal spreaders on the heat sink be enough to handle the power boost? Only time will tell,” they explain in the teardown.

Just like the other Surface models, the Surface Pro 6 is a nightmare to repair, and this is why iFixit offered the device a repairability score of 1 out of 10.

The only good thing is that Microsoft used standard Torx fasteners and the company hasn’t used proprietary screws that would require special tools.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 teardown

However, iFixit notes that it’s extremely difficult to break the device open, especially because the first thing everyone needs to no matter the repair is to remove the display. The screen uses a lot of glue, and given the price and how easy it can shatter, the process substantially increases the risk of major damage.

The battery itself is also glued inside the Surface Pro 6 and its connector is pinned under the motherboard. Storage is no longer removable, which isn’t the case of previous Surface models.

“After hearing rumors of a modular Studio, we were hoping this generation of Surface Pro would steer that direction. Alas, it's just as un-upgradable and un-repairable as ever, and it doesn't even get a USB-C port,” iFixit notes.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is now available for purchase from the Microsoft Store. Pricing starts at $999 in the United States and it increases as you add more powerful hardware.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 teardown

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Microsoft Surface Pro 6 teardown
Microsoft Surface Pro 6 teardownMicrosoft Surface Pro 6 teardown
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